A terrible experience after a Spice joint

I want to tell you my experience with “Spice”, a drug still legal in some European countries, like in England where however it will be banned on 23 December 2009. Spice is a drug sold like incense but usually smoked for its effects that are similar to marijuana. 

Unfortunately the difference between Spice and marijuana is evident. The former is a synthetic and chemical drug produced in laboratory and the latter is a drug derived from a natural plant that grows in many parts of the world, the cannabis plant. Moreover the difference is especially on the effects caused by these two drugs. It’s my opinion that spice can’t be compared with marijuana. I believe, after my experience, that nothing can substitute its natural effects and I advise everybody to not try Spice.  

I bought two grams of Spice because I wanted to get high after my working week. I didn’t know that Spice was four or five times stronger that marijuana. So I smoked a big joint alone out of my bedroom window. While I was smoking it I didn’t feel any effects. But suddenly after ten minutes I was disturbed by a violent and intense trip that caused me to have a panic attack. 

The first hour was shocking. I thought I was going to die. My heart started to beat too fast and I started to sweat a lot due to the paranoia and anxiety that accompanied my trip. I had to stop the music, open the window and sit on my bed. A bottle of water was my saviour and it permitted me to slow my heartbeats. 

After one hour I needed a shower. But while I was undressing the paranoia and palpitations began again. The window was still open and outside there was an unbelievable storm with rain and strong winds. The sky was dark and this reflected within my own mind with a shocking black out caused by the effects of that shitty drug. I discovered only the day after that a Spice trip can be long from six to eight hours, and they were only the first two hours. 

I spent other two or three hours (to be honest I don’t remember) sitting on a chair and observing the green wall of my bedroom. My trip was continuing and I alternated moments of nice thoughts at terrible moments of anxiety and paranoia. 

During my fifth or sixth hour of tripping I felt better and I thought I had passed the worst moments. On the contrary I committed a big mistake. I started to read on the Internet some opinions about Spice and I learned the dangerous and unexpected effects of this drug (an overdose is possible). When I discovered the synthetic composition of it my palpitations began again. Only after seven hours I felt completely safe from Spice. The day after I had a hangover like I had drunk twenty pints of beer and I was sick because I stayed naked in my room for the whole afternoon. 

Spice and all other synthetic cannabinoid are very dangerous. I agree with this statement after my terrible experience. Professor David Nutt has said that “Spice and other synthetic cannabinoid products are being sold legally as harmless herbal legal highs. However, the herbal content is coated in one or more dangerous chemical compounds that mimic the effects of cannabis. These are not harmless herbal alternatives and have been found to cause paranoia and panic attacks. It is important that we remain one step ahead when it comes to harms that legal highs can cause. People need to know they pose a real danger and should not be seen as safer alternatives to illegal substances”.

In other words don’t smoke Spice!