Sinn Fein anti-headshop video


The Vigilante Head –Shop Rag

(to the same meter as the Sinn Fein ‘poem’)


All over old Ireland the Head Shops appeared

And the young leprechauns they began to act weird

The Highs they were herbal, the bath salts were luminous

And all the young folks became proper cantankerous

Look at your son, Mrs, don’t try to humour us-

His skin’s like an asteroid, his face is turned tumorous

He’s been bending his mind, and that’s right bleedin obvious

And from people like him may the good Lord deliver us!


And so up stepped Sinn Fein and stood up to the Dealers

Picked up from the gutter a couple of squealers

Found out the name of Your Man at the top

And did all that they could to shut down his Head Shop

Now some of them boys were in heroin heaven

Til we sent ‘em to Hell with A K forty-sevens

One lad was so mouthy, he needed the rehab

Now he’s learnin to live with no drugs and one kneecap


At last all the Head Shops are gone from old Ireland

Turned into dead shops by accurate violence

And all of them vampires upon our community

That opened their shops with a cheeky impunity

They’ll find that Sinn Fein’s cross has turned ‘em to dust

And the stake through their heart is a message from us

Sayin, Don’t’ come to old Ireland to sell your sick dope

Cos we’re already brained on the Guinness and Pope!