Skunk weed and teenager violence and aggression!!!


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At the age of 13 my daughter started using cannabis..skunk weed. At that time I was admitted into hospital undergoing a total hip replacement, a year later I was diagnosed with bipolar, from 1997 onwards my daughter could virtually do as she pleased. She was also involved in a gang, I saw a total change in her virtually overnight.  She changed from caring, loving, mischievous a violent, aggressive, monster. Who didn’t care about anyone, but herself and her drugs.

It came to the point that I was frightened to say anything to her , in fear of her losing her temper and smashing things in the home, which was often the case at the age of 16 she started working for someone she knew. I thought at the time, this might be a good thing. Sorry to say, the girl she was working for took cocaine on a regular basis and of course my daughter started taking cocaine as well.

Things went from bad to worse, I just couldn’t do or say anything right. I began to dread her coming home from work.  This thing she had become was demonic, when she was 18 we moved to a different area, in the hope she might become more responsible and start to see life in a different light. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case! her violent outbursts become more frequent, to the point she smashed television. Cracked two ribs of mine, broke my clavicle bone, caused me to have 11 stitches in my arm, smashed numerous objects. She has self harmed herself on more than one occasion/drank bleach/took overdoses.

She was and can be a lovely girl but she did and still does to live life on the dark side! she now has a lovely new flat, which she really doesn’t appreciate and shares it with a DIRTY ROTTEN DRUG DEALER.

Clare is now 24. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel..I would say she suffers with psychosis, although she doesn’t tell her GP or her councillor the truth about all the drugs she takes or how violent and aggressive she can be. I do really miss my daughter.  I've been helping and supporting this imposter for 11 years now. It’s become too painful for me to cope, anymore, all I can see are dark clouds for her. I think she is too far gone now! What a waste of a life and how heartbreaking for me.