Spanish police raid drug hypermarket

Last week Spanish police conducted a raid on what they described as a “hypermarket” for illicit drugs in a suburb of Madrid. The police sources stated that when they conducted the raid there were 120 people in the process of buying or consuming illicit substances. The compound which was run by a group known as “The Fatties” had designated areas for all the illegal activities that were taking place there with a specific area for consuming the drugs that had just been purchased. There were arrows directing potential buyers around the maze of passageways within the compound. The females of the clan were the ones who were in charge of the transactions while the men acted as enforcers. The compound was heavily reinforced as an attempt to delay any police raid or robbery and there were six steel reinforced doors within the building.

There were 13 arrests of people between the ages of 23 and 62 years of age and according to police the gang was managed by two females. The females were arrested next to four plates, containing hash, cocaine, heroin and a plate with a mixture of the last two drugs. There were two other women there who were in charge with packing the doses. The Madrid Police in reference to the raid said that it was the biggest case of small-scale drug trafficking that they had encountered.

The whole organization was well organised and there was even a large safe where the takings were kept. Police stated that the gang were detained with about 12,000 euros which it is assumed were the profits of drug trafficking. One of the strangest find in the compound was an altar with candles where supposedly members of “The Fatties” prayed for the success of their business. The find corresponds to a global trend where drug traffickers are developing cult religions that conform to their illegal activities.

In Mexico the phenomenon is more widespread and  the cult of La Santa Muerte (the saint of death) has become popular as it is a Saint that answers prayers from not only the good but also those who risk their lives for the lucrative profession of drug trafficking.

A drug trafficking cartel called “The Family” have become renowned for their brutality and in one incident last year they were responsible for the killing of 12 policemen whose bodies they left mutilated by the side of the road. However the gang which is growing in numbers describe themselves as Evangelical Christians who worship the leaders of their group and describe the crimes they perpetrate as “divine justice.”