Spice Overdose!

Recently I recieved a joint of spice. I didn't know what kind it was but being that I smoke spice a little more than average I didn't care and decided to try it. Well, curiosity ALMOST killed the cat on this one..

I took a few hits off the joint and I got much higher than I have ever been. My immediate thought was "This is really good stuff". But I was not in control of what I was doing, I was doing and saying weird things, I was not myself and I couldnt control my actions. So after the high dimmed down some I went and watched a movie and the high completely died off.  ( Not the overdose)

I thought that if I smoked again the next morning maybe it wouldn't affect me as bad because my body had already gotten used to it. WRONG (All other spice had done this, but it has never been that potent)

So I stayed up all night, and around 6am I smoked the little bit of what I had.. about half of a roach. And I was as high as I had been the previous day. So I decided I wasn't going to smoke the rest.

I walked around the house and went to lay in my bed, and I began hearing what sounded like people coming in my house. I went out of my room.. no one there. I went back in my room and heard the same thing. Then I began to hear yelling. "Go get him right now!" And the voice i heard began yelling repetitively " right now". It repeated this over and over again really fast, in a menacing/angry type voice. At this point my heart began beating fast. Faster than I thought was possible which frightened me and made it beat harder.

I got so scared and went and put cold water on my face and drank some cold water and then the voice stopped and my heart beat slowed, only barely. I then walked around my yard with a jug of cold water hoping that I could "walk it off".  And when everything seemed calm i decided to sit on my porch. My legs and arm shaked involuntarily. I was afraid I was on the verge of a seizure. 

So I took deep slow breaths to try and calm my heart beat. As soon as I did this the voice came back repeating much faster, "lets go, right now". Hearing the voice petrified me and my heart jumped, as it did the voice could, i felt, sense it. And it said "YEAH, LETS GO, RIGHT NOW" and got louder and faster than ever! I felt I was gonna die. 

So i focused on my breathing, and as my heart slowed I would only hear the voice in the back of my head and I felt somewhat better. I decided the worst was over and went into the shower. I moved slowly and breathed slowly, so to keep my heart down. I tried to close my eyes in the shower but the whole room shook violently went i did so i kept them open. I ended up having to sit at the bottom of the tub because my legs were also shaking and i did not want to fall.

While in the shower i started hearing what sounded like footsteps and banging outside the bathroom door, and i had a flurry of negative thoughts. Which got me scared, and when my heart beated faster and harder the voice came back! Saying the same thing. And i immediately thought that that was how it worked. It was making me afraid so my heart would get going, and by repeating that phrase I would get more scared and my heart would go more. Like it was trying to give me a heart attack. 

After i used my breathing techniques to slow my heart rate and escape the voice of what seemed to be a demon's voice. I had negative thoughts and my heart would go. I went through the process of ignoring the thoughts and breathing quite a few times until i decided to call my mother.

By the time she got there it had all dimmed down. My heart is still beating irregulary, i didnt go to the hospital, if im not feeling better by tomorrow im going to.

To completely grasp how horrible this feeling was you have to go through it, but I would not wish that on my worst enemy. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE SPICE!