Stop and search is wrong

Stop and search though they do have their place in any society have been over used and abused by the very people who are supposed to uphold the law. We live in a society where sweeping generalisations are used as a reason to stop and search. One example is the hoodie, which through the media has been framed as something people wear when they are hiding something. Indeed the power of the hoodie has become so widespread that shopping malls have banned the wearing of them and a young person wearing a hoodie is instantly branded a criminal without actual evidence. The same is true with ethnic minorities who through no fault of their own have been framed by the media in such a way that they are associated with drugs and with violence this despite the fact that many studies have found that white people are just as likely to take drugs.

The police are just a further extension of that stereotypical view put forward by the media and politicians. Stop and search is after all based on what they see as suspicious and that is the fallacy in the stop and search argument. What they see as supicicious is perfectly normal earlier this year it was revealed that one in ten London managers take illegal drugs at work or work social events but those dressed in suits will never be stopped and searched.

Stop and search is also based on the area you live in so someone living a wealthy area who may be using drugs or carrying a weapon will likely never get stopped while someone who does not have drugs or a weapon who is in a poorer neighbourhood be stopped and searched countless times just because of where they live. It is that reason which shows how wrong stop and searches are.

That argument however doesn’t persuade the millions who support stop and searches though what should is the fact that it’s a waste of police time. Stop and searches are based on suspicion through a form of profiling if someone does not fit the profile they are not stopped. Police are wasting lots of time stopping people that ends up being nothing or at the very most a small amount of cannabis used for personal consumption. Instead of that they could be used stopping and investigating other crime.

The fact of the matter is stop and search has been ineffective and is merely an illusion, an attempt to create a perception of safety. Yet this is merely a perception and has had some serious negative impacts when it comes to relations between the police and minority communities who just don’t trust the police anymore.