Stop and Searched

Ever been stopped and searched? What do you think about it?

Well I’ve been stopped and searched, and I couldn’t argue the search as at the time I was on heavy drugs. I suppose their just doing their job? They have the right to search you if you look like you’re up to no good. Where would we be without them? But then some people would argue that it is an invasion of privacy?Some people would argue if they are innocent and don’t have anything illegal on them, that your just stopping me because of the colour of my skin, or the way I’m dressed?

I suppose it’s an argument that could go on all day. Should we be stopped and searched or is it invasion of privacy? I personally think there has got to be a balance. Yes we should be stopped and searched but in a decent manor and orderly fashion and only if something we are doing looks illegal or mischievous.

Imagine being strip searched for absolutely nothing. It would feel pretty rotten. Would you be angry? Upset? Feel violated? On the other hand they are doing it to keep the streets cleaner and safer for the majority of us.