Taking a tank to a party

The overreaction of the Police to a group of young people dancing is an international phenonom of quite outstanding proportions.

Despite the police brutality that can be seen in many of the clips available of Czech Tech 2005, I find the images of the police hilarious. Do the police realise how ridiculous their fear of a ‘rave’ really is?

Perhaps the boys in blue ought to watch the video and have a think......

Why the Tank? Those kids are having a party, we better send in a tank doesn’t exactly signal an intelligent approach to policing. 

Why so many vans, are they all the police vans in the Czech Republic on show at once, are they saying we have more police vans than Slovakia?

Why the long line of Policemen marching in a field? Clearly young people dancing requires this sort of reaction, perhaps this is some sort of police folk dance (perhaps with Masonic overtones) just to show us all that they know how to have a good time too.

Perhaps overall parties make the police feel insecure, a lack of good dance moves or  even more general social skills like conversation leads to the these overreactions, you know like the guys who start fights at parties.

If anybody knows the true story of Czechtec 2005 please get in touch.