The Evolution of Italian Drug Legislation

Italy's drug laws have taken many twists and turns over the past century, culminating in recently passed legislation that liberalized the country's drug policy .... to a degree. 

Despite this comparatively progressive move taken this year, the new drug laws represent more an opportunity missed rather than a notable step forward. After the Constitutional Court deemed the so-called Fini-Giovanardi (Law 49/2006) -- a particularly punitive piece of drugs legislation -- to be illegitimate, Italy's Parliament had the chance to construct evidence-based drug laws that treat drug use as a health, rather than a criminal issue. Ultimately, though, the moves they took underscored their apparent cautiousness around the issue. 

The following report provides a detailed overview of the course Italian drug legislation has charted since the early 20th Century in an effort to understand how Italy's current drug law framework has arrived at what exists today.