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The Overdose Prevention Alliance (OPA) is a relatively new web site focusing on worldwide news regarding harm reduction with a goal to "collect and document major issues in overdose worldwide, to encourage overdose prevention initiatives, and to promote good practice from a harm reduction perspective, disseminate new research findings, and correct misinformation." OPA through their web site offer a range of information and news about overdose prevention.


Articles vary in subject matter from first person accounts of drug users who have been helped by harm reduction policies such as naloxone training to reports supporting harm reduction policies such as The Global Fund which has recognised how harm reduction policies such as needle exchanges can help in the fight against HIV. Articles are primarily split up into six different categories firstly news about overdose prevention, secondly opinions which focus primarily on personal experiences, thirdly governmental and organisational policies towards drugs, fourthly presenting research from organisations, fifthly reports on current overdose policies and finally providing readers with information about how to start, manage and evaluate overdose programs.

Drug overdose is a serious issue which the web site tries to inform its readers about. For example drug overdose in America is the second leading cause of accidental death (CDC) many which could be prevented through new policies. One such example on the OPA web site was an article about the state of New York changing its laws so that people who call 911 about overdoses will not face arrest or prosecution for drug possession. Numerous studies have shown that one reason why people don’t phone 911 is a fear of being arrested for drug possession one study by the Society for the Study of Addiction reported that up to 80% of drug users delayed calling an ambulance due to the fear of being arrested. Policies such as those in the state of New York therefore could help make a difference and save lives.

Another subject which OPA has recently been focusing on is the use of naloxone in preventing deaths from heroin overdose. Naloxone is an opiate antagonist which means it blocks the effects of heroin. OPA has had many interesting articles on nalaxone including articles focussing on personal experiences with naloxone.

OPA wants to put an end to preventable drug overdoses worldwide through this web site. Policies which seek to prevent overdoses have a proven track record and have numerous supporters this web site helps highlight that and helps provide a source of information about what is being done in all parts of the world.

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