"This is Your Face on Meth"

A new computer program that morphs digital images of kids' faces to show them the consequences of meth abuse is the brainchild of west coast county sheriff Tom Alman. According to Alman, the Face2Face program is designed to deter even first-time use by showing kids what their faces would look like after six months, a year and three years of using methamphetamines. When asked how this is different from all the other marginally effective methods aimed at scaring kids into abstinence, the sheriff claims his "intent was not to use scare tactics, because scare tactics don't work". While his heart is clearly in the right place, it sure looks like fear tactics, albeit more personalized.

This personalization comes at a cost, $3,795 to be precise, though it is on sale now for a mere $2,995. The US Air Force and the DEA have already purchased their very own Face2Face programs as additions to their drug educational programs.

We can only hope personalized STDs are next.