A new drug policy in Basque Country

Basque Country parliament proposes an amendment to the Addiction Law during the presentation of the VI Addictions Plan 2011-2015.  The proposal to be discussed next year would allow over-18 to cultivate, sale and consume of hashish and marijuana. The bill includes measures for prevention and treatment drug “addiction” and other addictions such as gambling and new technologies.

The spokeswoman of the Basque Government, Idoia Media, has denied that this is an attempt legalise cannabis in Euskadi because the autonomic government has not powers over this subjects. Besides consumption and traffic are prohibited by the “Penal Code” which is subjected to the Spanish state.

According to the regional authorities they are trying to change Basque drug policy towards a less prohibitionist approach. They intend to open a debate with groups which represent marijuana users in order to protect and clarify their legal status and promote a responsible consumption. 

At the moment the Addiction Law is being redacted. It should count with parliamentary support to be approved.