Transportation Of IV Equipment And Police Stop And Search Procedure

I am writing this article because, I am extemely concerened about the practice of police in relation to stop and search procedures and the transportation of safe injecting equipment from needle exchanges to home, or other place of use.

I myself was recently searched whilst travelling in a car, along with two other passengers. A small amount of cannabis resin, about 1.75 gm's was found on one person. I myself was not carrying any controled substances, but I was carrying a packet of injecting equipment, obtained from a needle exchange.

Even so, I still had to go through the humiliating procedure of a body search at the local police station. Nothing illegal was found and I was not charged with anything.I recently heard that a similar incident occured to another user who was not carrying any controled substance but had injecting equipment with them. As far as I know, nobody else accompanying this person was found with any controled substance.

This has caused me to be very apprehensive if I wish to pick up or return syringes, because of the fear of stop and search procedures and police practice on finding such equipment. In fact I think it makes a mockery of the whole needle exchange programme, which the police pertain to support.

I know it is a police officers job to be curious but surely good practice by police would include encouraging safe use of drugs to protect users from harm and of course society as a whole from the spread of blood born diseases and innapropriate disposal.

I am unclear about the correct police procedure when finding safe drug use equipment, although they do state, in a leaflet included in an IV pack 'Police Policy is to encourage safe return of used needles and syringes without prosecution.' It doesn't say they won't subject you to a further search or investigate you further.

I would like more information on this subject and to know if anyone else has had similar experiences.