US cocaine production estimates are underestimates

So far this year 734 metric tons of cocaine has been intercepted on drug routes around the world (according to narcoleaks). This very statistic seems to indicate that again the US has underestimated the amount of cocaine which is produced worldwide considering that for 2011 the US estimated that world production would be 700 metric tons.

This makes the US estimates seem like a complete guess in the dark firstly if only 700 metric tons was being produced then how can 734 metric tons be seized and secondly it is obvious to anyone that not all cocaine is seized (a considerable amount will end up in the hands of the consumer) so the amount is way higher than 734 metric tons.

This is just another underestimate in a long line of underestimates from a US government hell bent on a war on drugs which has been a complete failure. For instance in 2008 the US estimated that there would be 690 tons of cocaine produced worldwide the UN world drug report reported that 712 tons were seized that year.  Once you take in all the cocaine that doesn’t get seized that number becomes even higher.

When even the UNODC seems to contradict the US government’s estimates it surely must show how inaccurate those estimates are, it’s almost as if the yearly estimate is drawn from a hat. 

The UNODC though is also guilty of not having the correct facts alongside the US authorities and the Columbian government they made a statement saying that Peru had taken over from Columbia as the largest producer of cocaine which according the narcoleaks is completely incorrect. According to them where the production country was known 80% came from Columbia and only 10% came from Peru.

The statistics produced from the UNODC and the US government really are the tip of the iceberg, if they were accurate they would be a lot higher.