Volunteer organisation to promote harm reduction services during winter games

It seems that the traditional healthy image of this year’s winter games is going to be slightly altered by an organisation called Safegames. Their aim is to provide a wide array of resources to help keep the Olympic community safe and protected, including tips on safe sex and practical information on reducing the harms connected with drugs and alcohol. Needless to say initiatives like these are more than welcome for everybody and they constitute an opportunity to give a more real approach towards mass entertainment.

 At the same they also will also provide an excellent opportunity to raise inclusiveness, because more than 35 organisations that traditionally had not been represented in the sport world, will play an active role in the organization of the games. Gay men health organisations like HIM  (www.checkhimout.ca),  women campaigners for reducing violence against women  ( www.SafeVibe.com) or even North America's only legal supervised injection site (http://supervisedinjection.vch.ca ) are some of the examples of groups that will be working overtime to respond to the harm reduction needs of those going to Vancouver for the games.

 Among the 200 volunteers, visitors might be lucky enough to find Captain Condom or Methadone Man distributing safekits containing condoms, lube, hand heaters, glow sticks and DVDs as well as information referring to different local providers of harm reduction services. All this disinterested help, without any doubt constitute a clear example of how the disadvantaged and conventionally excluded can make their voices heard in an Olympic environment that calls for the fraternity of all the races and the global understanding of all the human problems.

 For more information contact (www.safegames2010.com)


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