What's this about? What do I know about heroin?

TalkingDrugs wants people to send us what they know about heroin. This is because we believe that the popular imagination of heroin differs very much from the reality.

Most people’s idea of heroin use comes from the mythology of heroin in popular culture such as the music of the seventies, films about heroin use and the literature of William Burroughs. The description of heroin in many of these cases is exaggerated for dramatic effect, in some cases creating a culture of heroin chic that might of even made this very addictive drug seem appealing.  It is these portrayals of heroin use that have created misconstrued ideas amongst the general population.

On one hand celebrity heroin users are lauded in popular culture while on the other hand many heroin users are stigmatised and discriminated against. Such discrimination can cast heroin users to the outskirts of societies and can create preventative barriers that stop them seek treatment for their drug use. Discrimination can also prevent people from accessing information about blood-borne diseases associated with the drug and therefore can have a negative affect on public health.

There may be many factors why someone might start using heroin and in some cases it might be the mythology that surrounds the drug.

We want to challenge this popular conception of heroin and detach ourselves from the history of discrimination and misinformation concerning heroin use. By asking individuals to send us a simple piece of writing detailing what they know about heroin we can try and break down this culture of misinformation and try and tackle the real issues of heroin use. It does not matter if you are a heroin user or have no previous experience with the drug we value your opinion.

Please send your pieces of writing to info@talkingdrugs.org