What to do when politicians step out of line

There have been some attacks on Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidates, a party proposing drug decriminalisation in Mexico. It was heartening to hear that a hard line has been taken with some of the politicians who have been making dangerous signals about drug law reform in Mexico. We wouldn’t want any of those liberal ideas creeping over the border to our biggest market in the US.

However I know the attacks were well intentioned but we have to be a little subtler about this, allowing the PSD chairman Jose Carlos Diaz Cuervo to tell the world the attacks had “a clear intention to intimidate us ... something we interpret as a sign we are doing well, disturbing precisely the interests that have this country prostrate before organized crime” is a risky business we don’t want the public to wake up and stop playing patsy.

I know that many of you are getting worried by the dangerous resurgence of do gooding drug policy reform schmucks globally especially in the US but we have got to hold it down. Our friends in the media can spin an attack on the police, after all it is a great excuse for a budget hike for the boys in blue but an attack on the do gooders makes our intentions all too easy to read, especially to all of the patsies out there letting us make a killing.

My advice when faced by people like the PSD is too wack a load of cash behind one of those right wing cranks who is never going to understand what they are doing. You know the kind that thinks it is all about God and that moral shit, the kind that are never going to work out in a million years that it is about us and the money.

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