When policing goes wrong

This video appears to illustrate the worst excesses of when policing goes wrong. It is very hard to not to view the actions of the police officers in this clip, as being totally contrary to the role that society and many honourable law enforcement officers want them to play.

To often, as this instance, that break down involves 'illicit drugs.' Where a large proportion of a community are criminalised through their drug use, it is impossible for the police to be part of the community they are policing.

Something that should be necessary to their being able to carry out their work effectively. In the USA, as in many other countries, the criminal justice system acts to create an unequal society. The complicity of police officers in this makes their motives as individuals highly suspicious to many people, which is very sad.

It is hard not to think that the actions of the police officers in this clip are racist. It is also hard not to think that the motivation of behind many of the drugs laws and their continued support amongst conservatives is simply there usefulness in preserving inequalities in societies. Especially given that the damage that illicit drugs do to public health is so small when compared with that of the alcohol and tobacco industries.