Who am I?

I'm just a modern guy, so I had in the ear before, I got lust for life....

Maybe you know this song from Iggy Pop, well known bad rock'n'roll guy. I love him, he was a real enfant terrible and he still is a little bit. He was high on heroin and he celebrated it in a way. It was in his songs and it was in his outfits, he was the drug for me in the 80's. He and David Bowie, the Bewlay Brothers, well they came on so loaded, man, well hung on snow white tan.

I've been addicted to heroin and substitutes from 1985 to 1994, from 1980 I'm smoking mother nature and I am still able to write postings and such things.

Eight months ago Heroin wanted me again, I met a friend, a good old boy from the 80's. Since then I am using Heroin nearly every day. In the beginning I had my days off, but for the last three months I do it every day. But there is a difference between now and then. In the 80's I wanted to be in a coma, I wanted to be dead or so, it was suicide in rates. I took everything to fall into a big sleep, I mixed downers with heroin to get a real down. Now I only want to be calm it's a helping hand. I can hear you laugh now, it's normal. But it's a fact I take only 0.05 to 0.1 grams a day and it lasts for about 24 hours. Believe it or not, I know it.

But I don't want to advertise drugs, the only thing I want is to broadcast a different way of handling for this topic of drug use/abuse. How does the community handle this problem, do common people know enough to have an objective opinion about drug use/abuse? I don't want to be outside of society only because I don't like alcohol let's say. I want to tell my story and if you are interested and you're able to understand german, than go to warnabrother.blogspot.com, there is my story in german. It's not finished I'm still alive....

to be continued