About us

TalkingDrugs is one of the few online global platforms dedicated to reporting on the world of drugs. Here you can find drug policy analysis, harm reduction guides, stories from organisations or individuals across the world challenging the drug war and supporting people who use drugs.

We deliver geographically diverse coverage of these important issues, with a level of topic expertise and intersectionality often lacking in the mainstream media. We are not focused on breaking news for the first time, but taking the time to understand the impact of developments, and how they will be felt by those within our community.

We expand our global coverage by translating articles into many languages and working with people in directly impacted regions, to decolonise our understanding of drugs and the drug war solely from Global North perspectives.

TalkingDrugs gives people the opportunity to become engaged in the debate, and encourages those who wish to contribute to get in touch with us about either volunteering or submitting a piece of work for publication.

In particular, we are keen for people to tell their stories of how drugs and/or policies have affected their lives or their communities. TalkingDrugs is an anti-racist, sex worker allied, trans-inclusive, abolitionist platform that is grounded in a respect for people who use drugs and for those who are most egregiously impacted by punitive drug laws.

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Our Values


We are composed by our global community, which is often oppressed or over-policed. Therefore, we are resolutely in support of allies across racial justice, social equity, sex work, drug use, trans rights, abolition, environmental justice, decolonisation and other anti-oppressive causes.

Global Audience

We have readers and contributors across the world, so we focus on reporting on under-covered regions, as well as on stories that provide practical knowledge, or spotlight key people or organisations that advance global drug policy reform.


TalkingDrugs articles are well researched, with claims backed by the latest (and when possible, open-access) evidence available. This is not only academic sources, but evidence cultivating drugs, to those incarcerated.

Expert knowledge

From drug policy analysts, to drug checking stands in festivals, to first-hand experience of prisons or underground drug using spaces, our stories are informed by the experts within their fields.


The global drug control system is built on the criminalisation, arrest and harassment of people who use drugs. We do not support systems or policy alternatives that perpetuate incarceration, or alternative punishments; we instead promote solutions that address the underlying societal issues exacerbating drug-related harms.

TalkingDrugs is part of Release in London, UK.

While TalkingDrugs is a global news platform, we are part of Release. Release is the UK’s national centre of expertise on drugs and drug law.

The organisation, founded in 1967, is an independent and registered charity which provides free non-judgmental, specialist advice and information to the public and professionals on issues related to drug use and to drug laws. Release believes in a just and fair society where drug policies should reduce the harms associated with drugs, and where those who use drugs are treated based on principles of human rights, dignity and equality.