WHRIN campaign to end the violence against women who use drugs across the world
Women who use drugs and their allies are fighting back against systemic violence related to prohibition and punitive responses to drug use. Source: WHRIN
The Cardomom Mountains contain the protected area of the Phnom Samkos Sanctuary, as well as the natural resources needed to produce MDMA's precursor. Source: R. Bociaga
Brazil has now the third largest prison population in the world, with the majority convicted for drug-related crimes. Brazilians increasingly demand changes in policy and legislation that, if aligned with strategies to tackle inequalities, could change this scenario for the better. Source: Agência Brasil/Author: Tomaz Silva
New Zealand's tobacco plan is ambitious, seeking to create a smoke-free nation by the end of this decade. Source: Anton Watman
Biden's decision may not directly impact the lives of many prisoners, but may come to have lasting repercussions on American cannabis regulation. Source: Luca Perra
Petro's new Government and his commitment to drug policy change could usher in a new future of drug control for Colombia and the world. Source: Gabriel Leonardo Guerrero
The purple "Ni una mas!" is a permanent monument - also called the anti-monument - to murdered women in Mexico and femicide in the heart of the city. Source: Thayne Tuason
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