Ricardo Soberón is a Peruvian lawyer, a university professor, and an analyst and consultant on drug policy and drug control issues in the Andean region, as well as on border and security issues. He is also an advisor to rural coca-producer organizations. In 2011, he was appointed to head the national drug control commission, Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo y Vida sin Drogas (DEVIDA). In January 2012, while questioning coca crop eradication efforts which prompted concern from the US Embassy, he was replaced after a government reshuffle. Photos: Francesca Brivio
The 1960s counterculture movement kept a radical root for drug policy reform that would benefit the current movement for psychedelic drug law reform. Source: Shutterstock
The Amazon, spanning across the heart of South America, requires a radical change in direction to ensure its survival. Source: qualtaghvisuals
UHRN defends the human and health rights of its members from across Uganda, including LGBTQ and other marginalised individuals.
Uganda demonstrates how a network can use the collective force of its members to impact national harm reduction policymaking, and support those that need it in communities and on the ground. Photos from the author. 
Brazil has now the third largest prison population in the world, with the majority convicted for drug-related crimes. Brazilians increasingly demand changes in policy and legislation that, if aligned with strategies to tackle inequalities, could change this scenario for the better. Source: Agência Brasil/Author: Tomaz Silva
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