The 1960s counterculture movement kept a radical root for drug policy reform that would benefit the current movement for psychedelic drug law reform. Source: Shutterstock
Qatar drug policy and human rights at odds with harm reduction principles and protection of rights of people who use drugs
While Qatar has a commitment on paper to integrating human rights in drug policy, the reality is much different on the ground. Sincere policy changes and a strict separation between drug treatment and the criminal justice sector needs to happen. Source: Hasan Zaidi 
The drugs used in lethal injections are known to fail, be painful and cause damage to the inmate.
Lethal injection tables such as this are commonly used in the US for the administration of the deadly cocktail of drugs. Source: Wikimedia
The Cardomom Mountains contain the protected area of the Phnom Samkos Sanctuary, as well as the natural resources needed to produce MDMA's precursor. Source: R. Bociaga
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