Work with us

TalkingDrugs is a great platform for aspiring writers, researchers or motivated people to develop their voice and critique of the global drug prohibition system. We’re keen to platform you and help how we can.

We are currently looking for TalkingDrugs Volunteers to support:

  • Writing articles: The most essential forms of collaboration. We’re interested in what you have to say about drugs, their industry, cultivation, selling, theories around their use, and how they impact society.
  • Translations: We run an international platform that requires international help. Are you good at languages and want to give editing a go? Come help review our translations.
  • Non-written content: We’re keen to explore different contributions, from poetry, to videos, to art, across our platform. Have an idea? Pitch it to us.
  • Producing social media content: Are you good at summarising papers or global events? Are you a visually talented person? Come help us make drug policy reform engaging and beautiful! We’re across most social media platforms and would love to hear your ideas to improve our content.

Drop us an email at andre [at] with your ideas.