Denzel speaking at the Cannabis Europa event in June 2022. Photos from the author.
The Amazon, spanning across the heart of South America, requires a radical change in direction to ensure its survival. Source: qualtaghvisuals
French youth right wing group Argos protest in front of drug consumption room in Paris
"Drugs are not only a menace to the health of all French youth - it's equally a nihilist pitfall and an instrument of enslavement.” Source: Argos
"The change happens during tea while outside having a smoke and the deputy ministers ask for a lighter and that's where you start chatting”. Source: June Muks
WHRIN campaign to end the violence against women who use drugs across the world
Women who use drugs and their allies are fighting back against systemic violence related to prohibition and punitive responses to drug use. Source: WHRIN
New Zealand's tobacco plan is ambitious, seeking to create a smoke-free nation by the end of this decade. Source: Anton Watman
Biden's decision may not directly impact the lives of many prisoners, but may come to have lasting repercussions on American cannabis regulation. Source: Luca Perra
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