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TalkingDrugs news from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region [February 2021]

  1. Belarus: how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the drug market – results of the study. Read the full text on the Legalise Belarus (Rus) website.
  2. “Women and Drug Policy” – podcast with Anya Sarang about how war on drugs creates a new apartheid and about feminist approaches to psychoactive substances. You can listen at the link (Rus).
  3. Watch the documentary video series “Good People” from DUNews studio. First issue: an interview with Alexey Lakhov, a St. Petersburg resident, outreach worker, and a member of the Humanitarian Action NGO team. The video is available at the link (Rus).
  4. “From drug propaganda to inducement to use. The Russian State Duma is coming up with new punishments, but the drug business is not going anywhere”. Read the opinion of journalist Alexander Delfinov about the Russian drug policy at the link (Rus).
  5. Ukraine: “When marijuana is legalised, it will cost ten times more”. Read an interview with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Oleksandr Gogilashvili on the website of Babel (Rus).
  6. Documentary video “Drugs and the fight against them in modern Russia”, available at the link (Rus).
  7. Hypnosis, detox and turning away from heroin. How drug addiction is treated in Russia – material from “Novaya Gazeta” (Rus).
  8. In Ukraine, a schoolboy was sentenced to 6 years for 11 grams of marijuana. Lawyers say local police exceeded their authority. Read the details on BBC Ukraine (Ukr).
  9. The Eurasian Association for the Reduction of Environment has published a series of training podcasts for paralegals and paralegals working with people who use drugs and other vulnerable groups. The materials are available at the link (Rus).
  10. Russian magazine Forbes published an interview with the owner of Wrigley’s chewing gum brand about the development of cannabis production. Read more at Forbes.ru (Rus).


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