Talking Drugs Updates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia [Jul-Aug 2020]

August 31st: International Overdose Awareness Day |
  1. In June 2020, all harm reduction services with public funding stopped in Bulgaria. The oldest, biggest, and most experienced harm reduction organisation, Initiative for Health Foundation, shut down too. No needle and syringe programs remained open in the country. Read more at DrugReporter (Eng.)
  2. Research on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on drug use and illicit Darknet markets in the EECA region is available here (Rus.
  3. Belarus: Drug user community on fire. How will the Belarusian drug user community survive through mass protests?  Text and  video documentary by DUNews is available here ( Eng.)
  4. While mass protests against electoral fraud do not subside in Belarus, activists of the "Mothers against 238" movement went on a hunger strike against repressive drug policy, read the details on the TalkingDrugs portal (Rus.)
  5. August 31 – International Overdose Awareness Day. Read the following article, published by “Meduza” media, on how to identify overdose and how to provide help. Available here in Russian.
  6. Drug overdose can lead to PTSD. Read in detail at Drugmap project here (Rus.)
  7. Amidst mass protests in Belarus demanding freedom and democracy, the Belarusian movement “Mothers against 238” declared a hunger strike against repressive drug laws in Belarus.  Read more at TalkingDrugs (Rus.)
  8. The documentary “King Mephedrone, The First” produced by Polish Drug Policy Network, is the first in a series about the Polish drug scene and repressive drug policy. Watch the video via DrugReporter in Polish with English subs.
  9. Russia: the drug market has grown by three quarters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more via “Izvestiya” (Rus.)
  10. An interview on chemsex practices in Russia, published on The Village, was banned from publication by Russian authorities. The article (for now) is still available here (Rus.)
  11. Survivors of the COVID-19 era: stories of people who use drugs from Russia, Ukraine and Norway. Read via Drugreporter (Eng)
  12. A vicious cycle: Evgenia Ofitserova on drugs and the patriarchy via Radio Liberty (Rus.)
  13. How mothers with drug dependencies are raising their children in Russia via Meduza's (Rus.)
  14. ENPUD Information Digest №8: Support Don’t Punish Campaign in the EECA region. Digest available here (Rus.)
  15. July 21 - International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the War on Drugs. DUNews video dedicated to this day is available here (Rus.)
  16. Harm reduction practices at a music festival - experiences from the EHRA team available to read here (Rus.)
  17. Flowers through the asphalt - stories of human rights defenders supporting people who use drugs in the EECA region - DUNews video available here (Rus.)


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