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Talking Drugs Updates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia [May 2021]

1. Russia: policemen, who were declared guilty of planting drugs to Russian journalist Ivan Golunov, have been sentenced to up to 12 years of imprisonment, the BBC reports (Rus). However, former policemen have filed an appeal, according to “Meduza” (Rus).  

2. Read an interview with the Georgian harm reduction activist and human rights defender Eka Gardapkhadze at RunPUD web-site (Rus). 

3. Watch the new documentary video series “Good people”, produced by DUNews studio. The new episode is an interview with Daniil Kashnitskiy, who is protecting the rights of migrants in the EECA region. The video about drugs and migration is available here (Rus).

4. Ukraine: the new consolidated draft law on legal circulation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes has been registered in the Parliament. The document has been supported by 82 MPs, “Dzerkalo Tyzhnia” reports (Rus). Read about previous developments of this issue at TalkingDrugs (Rus). 

5. Aleksandr Delphinov, Russian poet and activist: “Why do we need to talk more about drugs?”. Follow the link for details (Rus).

6. Moldova: how harm reduction in Moldovan prisons look like – read an interview with paralegal Petr Us. Read details here (Rus).

7. Russian Ministry of Interior reports that fentanyl is the least common drug in Russia. During 2020 there have been only 2 instances of seizure of 1,3 grams of this substance, “MK” reports (Rus).

8. Russia: farmers were reminded that parsley oil production in Russia has been prohibited since 2011 and is persecuted by the 228 article of the Criminal Code as  production and distribution of illegal drugs. Read in detail at RBK media portal (Rus).

9.  State narcology: how psychoneurological hospitals have become shelters for the drug users. To read more follow the link (Rus).

10. Contest of mass media materials on life and problems of people who use psychoactive substances, announced by EHRA. Financial prizes envisaged for the best materials. Read more here (Eng).

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