Stop & Search

Stop and search has been a big issue within the UK and it’s an issue that brings out both positive and negative views of the public.

It’s an issue that the public agree to disagree on. However the first question that comes in my mind when I hear stop and search is why stop and search, what is it really and under what section des the police have authority to stop and search individuals or groups and is it based on ethnic background?

Stop and search is Section 60 under the Criminal Justice and Public Act 1994 which gives the right to police officers to search people in a defined area at a specific time when they believe with good reason that’s there is a possibility of harm or serious violence.

As this gives the officers the right to stop and search the question of the use of language rises in a sense of what is meant by a ‘good reason’.

Most foreigners who can’t understand English for first don’t know the stop and search Section meaning that they are more likely to be picked on by the police and the whole point of stop and search becomes an issue in a sense that the police at most time over uses this power.
Stop and search is aimed to be a thing where anyone suspected of serious harm or violence can be searched however this has become a discrimination issue where the police targets only ethnic backgrounds as most of the ethnic backgrounds intend to be less uneducated to know there rights and where they stand with the law.

So the blacks are more likely to get stopped and searched for carrying drugs or weapons and Asians are most likely to get stopped for terrorism. This view has been brought forward by most of the people I talk to and I wonder why this is the way it is. According to my knowledge the police get targeted to be at ethic background and poor areas meaning that this propaganda is biased and doesn’t make up the whole proportion. And the law has come up with this thing that we don’t see directly that the “powerful you are the more power you hold” and the “less powerful you are the little power you hold”  this means that the police favors the well off so the information received won’t be proportional and stop and search Section discriminates.

Stop and search has brought about negative views in most ethnic communities and this has also brought about a division with police and communities/ groups.  Black people are 30 times more likely than white people to be stopped and searched by police in England and Wales, and this reveals that "racial profiling" has increased over the past year.