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TalkingDrugs Updates from Eastern Europe & Central Asia [March 2020]

1. COVID-19 Harm Reduction For People Who Use Drugs – developed by INPUD here (Eng) and Recommendations For Service-Providers During COVID-19 – developed by EMCDDA here (Eng).

2. Position Statement On The Health Risks For The Prison Population With COVID-19 – by the European Prison Litigation Network. You can read the position statement in English and Russian.

3. COVID-19 Curfews, Supply Shortages and Take-Home Prescriptions: How OST is Being Administered in the EECA Region – information provided by ENPUD, published by TalkingDrugs (Eng).

4. COVID-19 and Drugs – video by DUNews studio available here (Rus).

5. Thousands Experience Methadone Withdrawal in Russia: How Quarantine Impacts People Who Use Drugs – publication by MediaZona (Rus). 

6. Activists call to eliminate article 228 of the Russian Criminal Code. On March 3 narcoactivists from St.Petersburgh held a street action against the repressive drug policy landscape in Russia – they suspended a banner above a bridge that read “Ban 228”. See details here (Rus)

7. Decriminalisation Works, But Too Few Countries Are Taking The Bold Step: UNAIDS statement with regard to the results of CND session here (Eng). Results of CND as portrayed by ENPUD representatives can be found here (Rus). UN Committee calls Ukraine to decriminalise the possession of drugs. Read more at EHRA website (Eng)

8. Two popular stimulants in the Post-Soviet region: Alpha-PVP and Mephedrone – articles published by Drug reporter and Vice (Eng).

9. Criminalisation Costs: pocket guide – published by EHRA. The brochure can be downloaded here (Eng). 

10. Why Is Drug-Checking Important? A story by TalkingDrugs and a short video by DUNews (Rus).

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