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TalkingDrugs Updates from Eastern Europe & Central Asia [September 2019]

1. ENPUD, in solidarity with INPUD and NGP+ supports holding an alternative HIV2020 conference in Mexico City. Read the full position paper here (Eng). All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH also support the alternative conference, read more here (Eng). 

2.  Kateryna Parafenuik, an activist who represents people who use drugs as a member of the state coordination committee in Belarus, addressed the Belarus state institution, a key recipient of the Global Fund’s grant for the procurement of medicines for PLWH, OST programmes and TB treatment with a request for information about the drugs being procured and with concerns about the interruption of their supply. As a result of these  information requests, the state institution filed a lawsuit against Parafeniuk concerning the protection of the business reputation. To sign the open letter in support of Kateryna Parafeniuk and demand transparent procurement procedures, follow this link (Eng). Read a more detailed description of Parafeniuk’s case here (Eng). Perspectives from both sides of the conflict have been published by Tut.by media (Rus).

3. You can find some updates about recent changes in drug laws in Belarus and their effect on criminalization of people who use drugs on TalkingDrugs (Rus). 

4. The Russian darknet portal “Hydra” became the world's largest online market for illicit drugs. Read more about the Russian drug market on TalkingDrugs (Rus). Lenta.Ru also published a detailed analysis of the Russian darknet here (Rus).  

5. ‘Nonexistent? We Exist!’ — a documentary about the communities of people living with HIV in Russia, produced by DUNews, isavailable in Russian with English subtitles here

6. Aleksey Lakhov – the deputy director of “Humanitarian action”, an NGO from St.Petersburg, tells a personal story of how the popular sitcom “Friends” helped him to overcome his drug dependency. The story is published on TJournal (Rus).

7. What do we tell our kids about drugs? Learn more on TalkingDrugs (Eng).

8. Watch the documentary, “The wave is coming!” about the Lithuanian organization “Young wave”, which promotes harm reduction practices at night clubs and during festivals, by DUNews studio here (Rus). 

9.  Find the August information digest of the ENPUD converning recent activities here (Rus). 

10. “Three key principles of drug policy reform: decriminalization, human rights and support” – read this interview with Mihail Golichenko for ENPUD (Rus). 

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