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Talking Drugs Updates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia [June 2021]

1. Russian popular journalist Yuri Dud has been accused of publishing drug propaganda when interviewing rapper Morgenstern and blogger IOneGuy, Meduza reports. Court hearing on the administrative case against Dud is scheduled for 23 July, according to Gazeta.ru (Rus).

2. Russia: How Morgenstern has been a pawn in the drug-political intrigues. To read more follow the link (Rus).

3. Russia: Independent deputy of the St.Petersburg city council Maksim Reznik is accused of purchasing 18 grams of marijuana for “personal use”, MediaZona reports (Rus). 

4. Ukraine: As a part of the international campaign “Support Don’t Punish”, “Volna”, the Ukrainian network of people who use drugs, and Club “Eney'' conducted a street performance in Kyiv to call for drug policy reforms and a focus on women who use drugs. Photos are available here (Rus).

5. Ukraine: Parliamentary Committee on health has approved the draft law on the legalisation of medical cannabis. After that the document can be voted on by the MPs. Read in detail at “Hromadske” (Rus). 

6. Belarus and Russia has officially declined the harm reduction and decriminalization policies. This has happened during the voting on the Political UN Declaration on HIV/IADS 2021. Read details at TalkingDrugs (Rus).

7. “Narkopragmatika” Podcast series has been released by the EHRA and Legal network on HIV. First episode is dedicated to the issue of access to opioid painkillers in the EECA region. Read the text version at TalkingDrugs (Rus) and search for podcasts on ApplePodcasts, Spotify and ListenNotes.

8. On June 16-17 in Batumi, Georgia RunPUD (Russian-speaking Network of People Who Use Drugs) had it’s first statutory meeting. Activists from four countries – Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia – took part in the meeting. Read more at RunPUD website (Rus).

9. Belarus: Ministry of Interior reported the seizure of the technical block of the largest drugshop, covering around 70% of the illegal online drug traffic in the country. Read more here (Rus).

10. Educational videos by the DUNews studio “Drug testing” are now available on youtube – part 1 and part 2 (Rus).

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