Prisoners with HIV in Kenya do not have sufficient access to healthcare and treatment

The criminalisation of people who use drugs in Kenya is hindering the fight against HIV. Source: Pixbay/Pixbay

The stigmatisation, criminalisation, and incarceration of people who use drugs in Kenya is undermining the government’s success in reducing HIV. As thousands...
The regulation of legal highs in New Zealand was doomed from the beginning

The regulation of NPS in New Zealand was doomed from the beginning. Source: TicTac

New Zealand’s much heralded regulation of new psychoactive substances (NPS) appears be at a complete standstill after its introduction three years ago, raising the...
How an AIDS Conference Sidelined an At-Risk Population
As advocates, officials, and health care professionals gather in Durban, South Africa this week for the International AIDS Society’s AIDS2016 conference, another...
Go to a festival this summer, and drugs will never be far away. The two are inextricably linked, as people seek to unwind over hedonistic summer weekends. As the UK...
Buprenorphine treatment for people with opioid addiction will become more accessible in the US

Doctors will now be able to prescribe buprenorphine treatment to more patients (Source: Pixbay)

The US government has increased the number of patients that doctors can treat with buprenorphine. This is a step in the right direction for treating opioid dependence...
Theresa May has implemented inefficient and deadly drug policies that have cost many lives

Theresa May will become Prime Minister on 13 July 2016 (Source: Wikimedia)

Theresa May is set to become prime minister of the United Kingdom tomorrow. While serving as home secretary, May has supported a prohibitionist approach to drugs, and...
The Chinese government is using forced labour detention centres to punish people who use drugs

Thousands of Chinese people who use drugs are being imprisoned in inhumane conditions (Source: Pixbay/Pixbay)

China has consistently taken an incredibly hard-line stance against people who use illegal drugs. As the government enforces strict punishments, often in the name of...
Isis (Islamic State) implements brutal drug policies
The international community has lambasted Isis for its distinctive form of brutality, yet remained curiously silent on Isis atrocities commited in the name of drug...
MDMA Ecstasy pills, branded

Source: Wikimedia

The illegality of MDMA and the lack of testing programmes in the UK is leading to the proliferation of dangerous pills and avoidable fatalities. According to the Office...

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